“Students With Dreams has shown me that everything is possible; what matters is finding out how.” Martin- Project Leader for Kudya Koma Uko.

Students With Dreams is a creative leadership program designed for College students in Malawi. The program provides training, mentorship and seed grant funding for selected innovative student projects. Project leaders meet weekly throughout the academic year as a group, to share successes, challenges and plans, brainstorm and support one another in the design and implementation of their projects. The group is guided by two mentors from the previous year’s Students With Dreams, enabling a sustainable foundation for the program at the college.

The spirit of Students With Dreams is based on co-operation. It is in the interest of the group that all projects succeed, and the students help one another in any way they can, so that each member’s dream is transformed into tangible action, and carried out successfully.

The goal of Students With Dreams is to enhance a pro-active, outward thinking attitude amongst students, encourage them to think creatively about responses to challenges they see in society, to cultivate co-operation and mutual support, to enhance their skills in project design, implementation and management, and to support their growth as leaders and change agents in society.


Students With Dreams formed in 2011 as a result of the MAKE ART/STOP AIDS Project. Students felt motivated to pro-actively create positive change in their society, and started thinking about ideas for projects to do. With so many exciting ideas, Students with Dreams was born, to function as a support network for dreamers.

Dreamer’s stories

Student leaders participating in Students With Dreams have used theater to engage communities in talking about nutrition, and creative writing, poetry and performance to inspire young people’s personal development and help them challenge social issues. Read a selection of their inspiring stories here. None of these stories would have been possible without the support of generous donors who believe that Malawi’s youth can be drivers of development. Invest in more innovative student leaders by donating to our Global Giving campaign here (UK donors here).

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Students With Dreams Project Leaders 2011-2012



2013 – 2014 Projects

Believing in “leading in love,” Little Big Prints is about motivating and inspiring secondary school girls by teaming them up with a college role model. LBP runs a girls education intervention at Pirimiti CDSS in Jali.

A community outreach project whose aim is to reach the common woman with pro bono legal services as a means of championing poor people’s access to justice.

An innovative program that is geared at bringing scholastic text and material to life by providing visual aids for learning. The idea is to rethink the teaching process in the country by providing visual aids for learning (e.g. using art to build models in science, or re-enacting text in the humanities).

This takes Malawian Art appreciation to the next generation by providing a web based forum that accommodates the artist and also the layman. The idea is to bring forth the upcoming or unknown names in Malawian Art to the center stage; and give them an online exhibition privy to anybody online. The website is geared at speaking to the artist in everyone.

An outreach program geared at Secondary Schools around Zomba, Malawi, seeking to illicit a mindset of positive change for the Malawian future through Youth Empowerment and Civic Education.

A project that promotes recycling and improving waste management. The project also encouraged recycling among college students and staff members and reducing waste on the Chancellor College campus.

Aimed at promoting good health, fitness and an active lifestyle among secondary school going students through physical activities in particular Aerobics. Their dream is to introduce AEROSkools in secondary schools of Malawi by facilitating the formulation of Aerobics clubs and teaching of aerobics. The project is run in South East Education Division as a pilot, covering St Mary’s Girls Secondary School and Malosa Secondary School.

An environmental conservation project aimed at bringing back the lost glory of the environment through tree planting. It is being carried out in Group village headman Mtogolo’s area, Traditional Authority Malemia, Zomba.

A project aimed at improving sanitation of schools in Malaw by instilling skills in teachers and learners on the proper way of disposing of litter, as well as how they can recycle litter into usable items. Notebook papers and cartons are recycled into teaching/learning materials and decorative items such as maps, bins, flowers, animal models and more.

Arts for All aims at promoting artistic capabilities among students with disabilities by training them in theatre, music, writing and other art forms.


2011 – 2012 Projects

HIV/AIDS Education through dance program delivered by Chancellor College students at secondary schools in Zomba

To other communities in Malawi, follow up activities to community that had undergone the MASA program

Student magazine featuring inspirational stories on students and thought-provoking articles by students

Fashion show of clothes and accessories made out of condoms, with the aim of de-stigmatizing condoms and empowering urban youth to take control over their sexual health… read more

Documentary film exploring issue of gay rights in Malawi through the lens of Umunthu… read more

TV talk show on women and youth empowerment

University Students Adult Education Fund: Fundraising for school fees for adults in rural areas who wish to complete their high school education… read more

On-campus at Chancellor College

2012 – 2013 Projects

A project that mobilizes students and alumni to renovate the college infrastructure

University students teach music to secondary school students in Zomba, culminating in a musical concert on campus
University students teach art at an orphanage in Matawale

Docu-drama filmmaker and teens impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic share their stories, which are narrated and enacted

Recycling project on campus, creating art from rubbish